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Wela Records is a record label started in January 2010 by Sven Larsson and Cecilia Wennerström with the aim to produce CDs with our different jazz and music projects. The record label Wela Records is an imprint of Wela Förlag which is a small book publishing company owned by Cecilia Wennerström. It will now extend to CD publishing in close cooperation with Wela Musikservice that is owned by Sven Larsson.
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WELACD 005 / Cecilia Wennerström / Lydian Mars
Recorded May 2013 Released August 2013
Released with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council

Broken Silence / Five Winds / Lydian Mars / Reflection / Min nisch / Mirnya / Olympus Mons. Total playing time 56.12.

Cecilia Wennerström - tenor saxophone, alto flute, Maria Kvist - piano, Filip Augustson - double bass, Jonas Holgersson - drums.

Lydian Mars  is Cecilia Wennerström's fourth solo CD. Seven original compositions are performed in a style that could be described as mainstream jazz characterized by cool integrity. In this new quartet Wennerström uses both new and earlier composed music, with complex harmonic and rhythmic structure.
"Wennerström plays lyrical tenor with a hard edge ... a good, wholesome sound in the tradition of early Coltrane and Rollins with contemporary flourishes ... Maria Kvist is an equally impressive talent with flowing, light-touch piano lines ... Augustson on bass and Jonas Holgersson on drums support splendidly, making this a most impressive quartet of music for today and now." Derek Ansell, Jazz Journal **** 
"Gives the windmills of your mind a thorough sweep through. Soothing sounds, gentle sax and close accompaniment." Editor's comments of the song Reflection that was 'Download of the day' in July 2013 at All About Jazz ****
"Kvartetten har utfört en cd med vacker och samtidigt spännande musik utan alltför dramatiskt utspel. Ett spel som sker på djupet och inte på ytan." Leif Wigh, OrkesterJournalen ●●●●
"Den fjärde plattan som bär Cecilia Wennerströms namn lyckas imponera med extremt välutförda saxofonsolon och tack vare samspelet med Maria Kvist, Filip Augustson och Jonas Holgersson är det svårt att inte uppskatta Lydian Mars." André Stray, NorrbottensKuriren
"Långa solon med en massa bra idéer får sig lyssnaren till livs ... Gediget spel rakt igenom i sju originalkompositioner." Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira
"Sju kompositioner blir till en välbalanserad CD med musik som lever" Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten
"Saxofonisten Cecilia Wennerström har jag gillat sedan 80-talet då hon ledde gruppen Salamander." Torbjörn Lyrhed, Folkbladet
"Saxofonisten Cecilia Wennerström tillhör veteranerna nu för tiden. Hon fortsätter oförtrutet att leverera högklassig musik på albumet Lydian Mars, denna gång med sin egen kvartett." Björn G Stenberg, Uppsala Nya Tidning


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WELACD 004 / Maria Kvist / Superficial
Recorded June 2012 Released May 2013

Superficial / Chicken Feathers / Missing E / Autumn in New York / My one and only love / Mellotron Waltz / Symphonics / Disco Girl / I'll buy me a little happiness

Maria Kvist - piano, vocals, mellotrone, trumpet, Linus Kåse - alto & soprano saxophone,
Kristian Lind - double bass, Isak Andersson - drums, percussion.

Maria Kvist has been referred to as a Swedish, unsentimental Diana Krall. After several tours in Hong Kong, China, Italy and Sweden her third solo album is now released on Wela Records. Maria’s music relies on a strong jazz foundation but also blends various influences, as lyrical and natural as urban.
"Skön jazzblandning av sjungande pianist" Hallandsposten
"Själv imponerar Maria som en både flyhänt och nyanserad jazzpianist. Men framför allt är det väl som sångerska hon sticker ut och ger den här kvartetten en profilstark karaktär." Länstidningen Östersund
"Maria Kvist med kvartett är ett rent nöje att lyssna till där hennes nyansrikt smakfulla sång och flyhänt kreativa pianospel är ren njutning." Thord Enberg, DIG Jazz 

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WELACD 003 / Wennerström Larsson Explicity / Tussilago
Recorded May 2011 Released September 2011

Tussilago / Impellent / Kaleidoscope / Second opening / Immersion / Implicity / Wind Song / Please tell me about it / Snacks / Sincerely Yours. Total playing time 60.44.

Sven Larsson - bass trombone, didgeridoo, Cecilia Wennerström - tenor saxophone, alto flute,
Filip Augustson - double bass, Henrik Wartel - drums, didgeridoo.

Sven Larsson and Cecilia Wennerström have been exploring sounds and melodies for some years in their experimental Duo Wela. Now the couple felt that the time had come to extend the duo into a quartet. Unlike Duo Wela that plays all kinds of music, the new quartet is more explicitly freejazzy and therefore is named Explicity.
"The music on this CD is both enjoyable and memorable. Sven Larsson and Cecilia Wennerström have produced a product that is highly creative and inspiring." Clarence Hines, ITA Journal
"This is surprising music on a good and finely worked-through cd." Leif Wigh, Orkesterjournalen ●●●●
"It's exciting to hear how easily this awkward instrument actually comes forward in his hands. He plays several very fine solos, for example in "Second Opening"" Magnus Nygren, Sound of Music
"They all have something interesting to say" Lennart Olausson, Lira
"free dialogue and unexpected ideas" Peter Bornemar, Dig Jazz

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WELACD 002 / Cecilia Wennerström / Minor Stomp
Recorded June 1997 Re-released Febr 2011

Summertime / It might as well be spring / Minor stomp / Come rain or come shine / Behave yourself / You go to my head / Softly as in a morning sunrise. Total playing time 61.53.

Cecilia Wennerström - baritone saxophone, Ann Blom - piano, Filip Augustson - double bass, Henrik Wartel - drums.

This is Cecilia Wennerström's first recording in her own name. It was first released in 1997 on Four Leaf Records as FLCCD 157. It is now sold out at Four Leaf Clover, so Wela Records has made a re-release with sound files from the original master. 
"This is exhilarating contemporary jazz performed by four musicians with unfamiliar names but world-class credentials." Jack Bowers, All About Jazz 1999.  Read the whole review!
"... her routine and knowledge, mixed with obvious inspiration, serves her well"
Leif Wigh, Orkesterjournalen 1997

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WELACD 001 / Cecilia Wennerström / Fafner
Recorded Nov 2009 Released Febr 2010

Walk with Dragons / Soria Moria / Pattern for Priscilla / Tribute to Don / Persistent Suggestion / Backyard Soul / For Fafner. Total playing time 51.29.
All titles by Cecilia Wennerström except Tribute to Don by Bernt Rosengren.

Cecilia Wennerström - tenor saxophone, Amanda Sedgwick - alto saxophone, Carl Bagge - piano,
Kenji Rabson - double bass, Moussa Fadera - drums.

In her new quintet Cecilia Wennerström combines tradition and renewal with fresh and newly written material in a perfect blend. Together with the elite of young Swedish jazz musicians she creates modern hard bop with a voice of her own.
"It simply is good quintet jazz, and an enjoyable jazz with straight melodies that are easy to listen to." Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten.


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