North Sea Jazz Festival 1981  
Photo: Gunnar Holmberg

On this page (under construction) I will place some music and pictures about my group Salamander from the '80s.
Some material might not be legal to put here, and sometimes I don't remember who took the photo.
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Salamander  |  Tenor sax battle 1982


NEWS 2017-2020


November: Salamander's second LP "In the Darkest Month"(1983) was released in digital format by Wela Records/Plugged, courtesy of Dragon Records.

September 30: Got the autumn edition of the Swedish music magazine Lira, where 100 jazz recordings were selected to represent all important Swedish Jazz over the years, including greats like Lars Gullin and Monica Zetterlund.  Just outside these 100 there were about 50 others listed, that had been discussed and "bubbled" about, and among these I found Salamander. Very proud to be mentioned at all among all these renowned musicians! LIRA 3 2020 page 65. 


March 20: Got the february issue of Jazz Journal, where the reissue of Salamander/Live at Northsea Jazz Festival got 4**** and a fine, long and detailed review. "All the musicians are at the top of their game ... ... A fine and valuable reissue"-Michael Tucker.

March 14: Salamander's original quintet plays at Brötz in Göteborg! Cecilia Wennerström, Katarina Karlsson, Susanna Lindeborg, Stig Boström, Vanja Holm.
UPDAT: Katarina has other gig, so it will be quartet line-up.
UPDAT: Watch the concert on Youtube

February: Review in Sweden´s most important jazz site Dig Jazz where Thord Ehnberg gave the re-release five out of five "digs".


December: Review in Sweden's main jazz magazine Orkesterjournalen. "The music is completely overwhelming and the freshest re-listening that has reached my ears for a long time!" wrote Roger Bergner and gave us a big red heart and credited the music for withstanding time so that it could well be have been made today. OJ recension på svenska

November 24: Long interview at Brazilian website Oganpazan with Cecilia Wennerström about her early music life and up to the period with Salamander. 

November 17: Releaseparty for WELACD006 Salamander/Live at Northsea Jazz Festival on Friday Nov 17 kl.17.00 at Music Lover Records, Kyrkogatan 13, Göteborg (innanför vallgraven). The original quintet on stage after 36 years! Cecilia Wennerström, Katarina Karlsson, Susanna Lindeborg, Stig Boström, Vanja Holm. Welcome/Välkomna!

November 14: Interview in Göteborgs Fria by Tobias Magnusson.

October 23: First review! Första recensionen skrev Peter på Mono Magasin:

October 21: Long article at Brazilian website Oganpazan Oct 21 by Carlim about the relaunch of Salamander/Live at NJF:

October 20: Releaseparty for WELACD006 Salamander/Live at Northsea Jazz Festival on Friday Oct 20 kl 18.00 Plugged Records Stora Nygatan 45 Stockholm (Gamla Stan). Cecilia Wennerström tenor, Maria Kvist piano, Filip Augustson bass.
Listen to Andra kvällar Other evenings (part):

May 19: Salamanders music from Jazzfest Berlin 1981 was played in german radio:

Salamander's first LP "Live at Northsea Jazz Festival" 1981 will be re-released on CD in 2017 by Wela Records/Plugged courtesy of Dragon records

Interview for Brazilian music website (Oganpazan) is on-going

Salamander was referred to with text and photo in a new book about Kansas City Women's Jazz Festival ("Changing the Tune" University of North Texas Press 2017)


From 1979-91 Cecilia Wennerström (me) was the leader of Salamander, a free jazz group that toured a lot in Sweden and Europe on festivals and clubs in the beginning of the '80s. Salamander made its international debut 1981 at the Women´s Jazz Festival in Kansas City, USA, and the concert made the legendary jazz critic Leonard Feather write a long review in Los Angeles Times, praising the band (read it here). The same year Salamander played at the North Sea Jazz Festival with such a success that the band was engaged for an extra concert the next day, and later on for the next year as well.
During the following two years three of the original five members (Katarina Karlsson, Stig Boström and Susanna Lindeborg) left the band for different reasons, personal, musical and work load-related, and Salamander continued for a while to play as a quartet with Cecilia Wennerström on reeds and Vanja Holm on drums, with various personnel on piano and bass.
From 1984 Salamander worked and did two recordings with German bass player Peter Sonntag in trio format.
After 1985 I started other projects like Cecilia Wennerström Septett with four flutes, and Electric Dreams that played jazz pop.
In 1991 a new quintet version of Salamander (Cecilia Wennerström,
Vanja Holm, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, Susanna Lindeborg, Nina deHeney) did some club gigs in Sweden. This constellation played at the Jazz & Blues Festival, Haparanda, Sweden in June 1991 (with Ann Blom replacing Susanna Lindeborg on piano), and this was the group's last festival gig.


SALAMANDER: Live at Northsea Jazz Festival (Dragon DRLP 31 1981)
Will be re-released on CD in 2017 by Wela Records,
courtesy of Dragon Records

SALAMANDER: In the darkest month (Dragon DRLP 45 1982)
In the darkest month

SALAMANDER: Spirit of fire (amf-records amf 1017 1984)

SALAMANDER: Trio (Dragon DRLP 88 1985)
Dagas Dans

Some important gigs:

1980 Jazz i Emmaboda, Sweden

1981 Women's Jazz Festival, Kansas City,USA

1981 North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Holland

1981 Extra concert North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Holland

1981 Jazzfest Berlin, Germany
 Rockpalast archiv pictures
Youtube solo Grodans flykt (1) Cecilia Wennerström
Youtube solo Grodans flykt (2) Susanna Lindeborg

1982 North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Holland

1982 Vossa Jazz, Norway

1983 Kölner Jazzhaus Festival, Germany 

1983 Jazz Festival Balver Höhle, Germany

1984 Jazzbuhne Berlin, DDR

1990 Lysekils Jazz Festival, Sweden 

1991 Jazz & Blues Festival, Haparanda, Sweden


Salamander på Brötz 2018
Salamander Reunion: Susanna Lindeborg, Stig Boström, Cecilia Wennerström, Vanja Holm (mars 2018).

Salamander reunion Nov 2017
Reunion: Cecilia Wennerström, Katarina Karlsson, Stig Boström, Susanna Lindeborg, Vanja Holm (november 2017).

WELACD 006 - re-release 2017.
Artwork: Jan Nimark

Salamanders first LP
Cecilia Wennerström ts, Katarina Karlsson as, Susanna Lindeborg p, Stig Boström b, Vanja Holm dr

Salamander's second LP
Cecilia Wennerström ts, Susanna Lindeborg p, Stig Boström b, Vanja Holm dr

Salamander as a quartet
Photo: Gunnar Holmberg

Salamander 1980: Vanja Holm, Susanna Lindeborg, Stig Boström, Katarina Karlsson, Cecilia Wennerström
Foto: Anders Jirås



Tenor Sax Battle. North Sea Jazz Festival 1982.
Photo: Hyou Vielz

Listen to 01 Blue'n'Boogie!

Tenor Sax Battle
Den Haag, North Sea Jazz Festival

Source: Audience
Sound: B/B+

Benny Golson- ts,
Turk Mauro- ts,
John Gilmore- ts,
Cecilia Wennerström- ts,
Red Holloway- ts,as,
Rein de Graaf- p,
Leroy Vinnegar- b
Al Tootie Heath- dr,
Mel Lewis- dr* replaces Albert Heath

01. Blue’n’Boogie 16:06 (Solooist are as follows. Red Holloway- ts, Benny Golson- ts, John Gilmore- ts,Turk Mauro-ts, Cecilia Wennerstrom- ts, Red de Graaf- p),
02. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise 16:15 (Red Holloway- ts,John Gilmore- ts, Benny Golson- ts, Cecilia Wennerström- ts, Turk Mauro-ts, Red de Graaf- p),
03. Woody’n You (fade-out) 14:45, (Benny Golson- ts, Red Hollway- ts, John Gilmore- ts,Turk Mauro- ts, Cecilia Wennerstrom- ts, Red de Graaf- p, Albert Heath- d),
04.* Bags’ Groove 15:41, (Red Holloway- as, Benny Golson- ts, John Gilmore- ts, Turk Mauro- ts, Cecilia Wennerstrom- ts, Red de Graaf- p).

This is where I found the music. Search for my name and voila! an mp3 with the whole concert is available, and so is the information above. Indeed interesting to hear it after 30 years ... I have been a bit embarrassed for this concert, so it was a relief to hear what actually happened. UPDATE: This link doesn't work anymore. Glad that I saved the music.
A fan of Sun Ra now has put the entire concert on YouTube:  UPDATE: This link doesn´t work, the guy probably had to remove it.


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