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Wennerström Larsson Explicity
Sven Larsson, bass trombone, didgeridoo
Cecilia Wennerström, tenor saxophone, alto flute
Filip Augustson, bass
Henrik Wartel, drums

Listen to Tussilago (Larsson) tussilago-tema.mp3
Listen to Windsong (Larsson) windsong-tema.mp3

In concert 2014:
Febr 13     Hellsten Earth Bar, Stockholm (Wennerström, Larsson, Wartel)

In concert 2012:
Febr 13      Kafé Klavér, Stockholm, with Eva Lindal
March 12   Kafé Klavér, Stockholm, with Marie Selander & Tuomo Haapala
March 15   Hellsten Earth Bar, Stockholm
April 16    
Kafé Klavér, Stockholm, with Ellekari & Leo Sander (The Tiny)
April 23    
Teater Lederman, Stockholm, with Susanna Lindeborg & Ivo Nilsson
May 14     
Kafé Klavér, Stockholm, with Johannes Bergmark

Release concerts 2011:
September 29
  Brötz, Göteborg 
September 30
  Ateljéhuset, Glasbruksgatan 25, Stockholm

When Sven Larsson and Cecilia Wennerström toured in Russia a couple of years ago with their experimental Duo Wela, they played with the thought of extending the duo sometime in the future. With the free jazz project Wennerström Larsson Explicity they have made their vision come true.
"Sven Larsson is a musical phenomenon. He is the bass trombonist who plays classical music as well as jazz, and who switches to tuba, tenor trombone, or didgeridoo without missing a beat." – Johan Scherwin, Svensk musik/STIM

Sven Larsson played with Rolf Ericson in the 60s and 70s, with Sender Freies Berlin Big Band in the 70s and then as a regular member of the Swedish Radio Jazz Group until the mid-80s. He has been the first-call bass trombonist in Sweden for nearly forty years.
"Larsson displays exceptional lyricism and a gorgeous trombone sound" Clarence Hines, ITA Journal 2012
"The results: curious, interesting, and wonderfully indulgent. Recommended." Nils Jacobson, All About Jazz 2001
"Great talking!!! Virtuosic!" Christian Lindberg at MySpace

Cecilia Wennerström made herself known as a baritone sax player in the 90s but she started as a free jazz tenor player in her own group Salamander in the 80s and played at several major European festivals.
"..Wennerström can once again be heard playing a great solo.." Clarence Hines, ITA Journal 2012
"Wennerström demonstrates that she has gained a place among those relatively few practitioners of the big instrument who have given it a formidable presence in progressive jazz bands." Dave Nathan, All About Jazz 2001.

Filip Augustson is one of Sweden’s most sought-after bass players. For many years he has toured, recorded and played with the best groups in Sweden. "His ever-evolving, in-depth lines and sturdy, well-paced and imaginative solos and accompaniment suit whatever surrounding he’s placed in." Laurence Donohue-Greene, All About Jazz 2005.

Henrik Wartel is one of Sweden’s most sensitive and creative drummers. He started playing with Eje Thelin and has a solid background within experimental music. "... drummer Henrik Wartel, who rolls his way through each phrase until the intervals begin to shift and blur, each becoming more dynamic than the last ..." Tom Jurek, CD Universe.

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WL Explicity på Kafé Klavér mars 2012 
Concert at Kafé Klavér in Stockholm


Henrik Wartel



Release 2011 September 28
Tussilago WELACD003 Wela Records/Plugged

Review in ITA Journal by Clarence Hines

Review in Orkesterjournalen ●●●● (Swedish)

Review at  4/5 (Swedish)

Review in Sound of Music (Swedish)

Review in Lira (Swedish)

Sven Larsson

Cecilia Wennerström

Filip Augustson